07:27:48 EST Sunday 29 Mar 2020

Welcome Motorcycle Linux Amateur Radio Programming IP Camera

I have been using these cameras for the last few years. For the money that are reliable and inexpensive with a solid body. The only problem I can complain about is that the software used to interface with requires a Windoz machine, but with Linux a user can run Wine and get around that problem. So, maybe it is not really a problem at all.

These cameras can be found at DealExtreme.com for under 50$. Known on this site as the IP-400 camera. As they are made in China you will also find them on e-bay and may have another name.

Some Images for yor viewing pleasure...

Since these cameras come from different manufacturers and software revisions change from time to time I have posted the interface software here. If you have one of these cameras or one that looks like these and are having problems configuring it download these versions and try them. One of them should work for you.

HOLD THE SHIFT KEY TO DOWNLOAD. A zip file with the manual, software, FAQ's.
Version Q-Serial executable interface software.
Version New QSearch File
The latest example of this camera I found uses this: EasyN